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Documentation for Ubuntu Edgy?

Question asked by copymaster on Jan 13, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2007 by heckle
PLEASE help!

Is there someone out there who could tell me how to install alfresco 1.4 on ubuntu edgy?

I googled and tried now for 7 days, but it doesn't work as expected!

The startup scripts don't do. The only way to get alfresco running is to comment out all JAVA entries in the startup scripts. I have java 1.5 update 8.

And even the Openoffice startscript throws an error on startup, so openoffice is not running as a service.

When i edit the script to use my distributions openoffice, i can't open the documents from the webfrontend, within the openoffice-writer, there's always shown the alfresco loginscreen instead of the requested document?

PLEASE provide some hint for getting it running.

I installed apache2 and java, then the alfresco binary as root. I try to start alfresco as root, but there are errors in the catalina.log complaining about tomcat is not able to load some modules because of permission denied?