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Java Executable

Question asked by german on Apr 22, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2008 by german
Hi all.
Use as a development environment Eclipse3.3.2 on Alfresco2.1R1, AlfrescoSDK2.1R1.

- I created a project (simple upload files to remote with Alfresco Java API)

- Project articulated in a folder with 2 package:
  One Contains a project file (. Java), the other
  contains the file

- From Properties of the project-> Java Buil Path:
  I added under Project SDK AlfrescoRemote,
  under Libraries I added my libraries.

- Compiled and executed perfectly.

- Export the project in an executable file .jar

- Executed the jar, the project starts but Alfresco's function are not avaiable.

With the Eclipse project works with Alfresco perfectly, while from the outside no.

I would like to know how I can create an executable (a jar is fine) to be able to distribute.