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Which Constant type  I use to obtain the Effectivity Aspect

Question asked by tonygarnet on Jan 15, 2007
I have tried to obtain the aspects associated with a particular node by using:

// Obtain the space containing the required file
      Content[] readResult = null;
      Content[] effectiveDateResult = null;
      Content effectiveDate = null;
      // Obtain the parent Node usually a document or image space
      try {
         readResult = Predicate(
               new Reference[] { reference }, STORE, null),
          effectiveDateResult = Predicate(
                       new Reference[] { reference }, STORE, null),
      } catch (Exception e) {


I have tried all the aspects  and the permissions defined within the Constants class. I am still unable to detect which one contains it.
I have tried to obtain the Constants.PROP_CREATED (WHICH i EXPECTED to contain the first part of the Effectivity date) but it contained nothing.
A nudge in the right direction would be appreciated.