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Editing a file thru both Web Client and CIFS share

Question asked by i5mast on Jan 15, 2007
Is it possible to edit the same file thru both Web Client and CIFS share.

I'm trying to figure it out how it should work. The scenario I was testing is one user editing a file through a Web Client and the other through CIFS share. Should it be possible to do it? My experience showed that editing thru CIFS lost the file's versions.

I droped a text file on CIFS share. Edited the file thru a web client, enabled history, got versions 1.1 1.2 etc. Then I went back to CIFS share, edited the file directly on the share. Then I went back to Web Client and saw that the file history and versions were gone.

I was using Alfresco 1.4 version. Let me know whether I should be able to edit the file on CIFS share.

Thank you.