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Problem using Authoring Web Services

Question asked by marcostopper on Apr 23, 2008
Now I'm trying to use the "Authoring" Web Service to get the "VersionHistory" object that contain all the information aboug t document's versions.
The problem is when I call the metod: getVersionHistory(Reference node). When I call this method it return the object VersionHistory with all the fields set to null.
I need to know the versions information about a document in the repository. I know the documents uuid and I'd want to know the documents versions.

I set up the reference in this way:
uuid: node id
path: null
store: pointer to the store

I set up the store in this way:
scheme: versionStore
address: SpaceStoreAuth

Is this correct? How can I set up the reference node and the store to obtain the VersionHistory object correctlly?
Can you explain me how I've to set the Reference and the Store before to call this method?
Thank you for your help!!