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Alfresco Workflows - JBOSS -Eclipse

Question asked by jlabuelo on Apr 24, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2008 by sdavis
Hi Guys

I am starting to learn how to configure my own workflows, following the instrucions in the documentation of the wiki site, but I got  a problem right after starting  :( .

Following the instructions I have tried to install last JBOSS jBPM Graphical Process Designer tool in my Eclipse 3.3.

I have followed the instructions of the chapter "JBoss jBPM Graphical Process Designer Installation", so I have downloaded the Jboss plug-in as a Zip "".

Then, in Eclipse, I have gone to Help->Software Updates->Find and Install->Search for New Feauteres to Install->New Archived Site and picked the zip file

However when I pick this file, I get this error message
Invalid Site:
Selected Archive does not contain a valid Site. Please select another archive.

Any ideas of what could be wrong???

I have followed the instructions of the wiki guide pretty well, but dont know what else I must do to install this tool in my eclipse.

Thanks a lot for the help in advance guys!!