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Function in expression for condition

Question asked by raweck on Apr 24, 2008
How to use function (for example document.hasAspect("mycustom:myAspect")) in expression defined for condition?
I defined decision node with condition which does not evaluate:

   <decision name="My decision">
      <transition to="ItHasAspect" name="Yes">
      <transition to="ItHasNotAspect" name="No">
wf_requestDocument is defined as

<property name="wf:requestDocument">

and to wf_requestDocument is assigned value bpm_package.children[0] (It seems that with wf_requestDocument everything is OK).

If I define the condition with variables than everything is OK. If I use wf_requestDocument.hasAspect("mycustom:regularRequest") i receive:
Caused by: org.jbpm.JbpmException: couldn't evaluate expression

Caused by: org.jbpm.jpdl.el.ELException: Encountered "(", expected one of [".", ">",…