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Images manipulation

Question asked by giorgio.cardellini on Apr 24, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2008 by giorgio.cardellini
Assumption: I have Alfresco 2.1 + Tomcat running on Suse linux server.

I made a new space in which users can upload their photos.
I setted out actions that automatically generates thumbnails (200x200) and full screen view (1024x1024) and copy generated images in different subfolders.
This is great but now I would do more and my question is how this could be achieved with alfresco.
I would like an XML to be automatically generated and I would move images + XML to a web project folder.
The Xml file should have the follow structure:

    <thumb separation="5" dysplayNum="6">

How does alfresco handle something like this ?

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