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'Failed to delete User' when using LDAP authentication

Question asked by curious_george on Apr 24, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2008 by curious_george
In Alfresco 2.1, I am trying to delete a user. I get the error message: "Failed to delete User due to error: Not implemented". Any idea as to the cause, and solution, of this error?

We are using the default authentication filters ( in conjunction with our LDAP. On the Web UI side, we previously wanted to use the NTLM authentication filter, but could not do so because that required using KeepAlive on the web server. If we enabled KeepAlive, we broke our other web applications.

Now, if we try to delete a user inside Alfresco, we get the "Failed to delete User due to error: Not implemented" error.

Thanks in advance for any help - from what I've read in the wiki and forums, almost everyone uses LDAP with NTLM. In our case, we want to use our LDAP but we don't want to enable NTLM. I'm hoping this isn't any more of a problem.