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How to delete file from avm repository from webscript

Question asked by alfresco_gopesh on Apr 26, 2008
Hi all,

I want to delete an xml through the webscript.So i need to write an ftl and js for that…

I am rendering the xml file of repository  thru dashlet using web script.
Onclick event of one of the checkbox on the dashlet the XML file should be changed its own of values.
so the dom got changed and in javascript or any how i want that changes xml dom object of the file back to the same file..

so i need any view or other solution for that..

I refered the upload webscript where they are creating a file and saving the if it is possible for deletion also then i can delete the previous file and possible can create the new one..

Also i want to konw is there any mechanism by which we can refer how many object are available with the web script.??
for example :in one of the script upload.createfile()

is use so also like avm.getodifiedItems() these methos are called from various webscript.

so how may diffrent class object is available so that we can trace the methods available woth each class object associated with the webscript js or ftl file.

Lookin for the possitive replies from you all.

Do any one have any idea.??