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URGENT show-child-association attribute

Question asked by lmoulin on Jan 23, 2007
I created two types of document.
My first type is:
<type name="my:erd_horodatage">
   <property name="my:dateAjout">
   <property name="my:details">

My second type is:
<type name="my:erd">
   <property name="my:numeroFacture">
   <property name="my:nomClient">
   <child-association name="my:horodatages">

I want to display the attribute 'dateAjout' and 'details' of each child association in a document of 'erd' type.
In the file 'web-client-config-custom.xml', he write the followings lines:
<config evaluator="node-type" condition="my:erd">
    <show-property name="my:numeroFacture" />
    <show-property name="my:nomClient" />
    <show-child-association name="my:horodatages" />

In the details window, I can view the following values:
- numeroFacture
- nomClient
- the path of each horodatages documents.

How can I make to display the values of custo attribute of each horodatage documents instead of the path?

Tanks a lot,