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character accents problem with apache, webdav and mod_jk

Question asked by nicolas.garin on Jan 23, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2007 by eric.compain
Hi All,

We are trying Alfresco Enterprise and have problems with filename containing french characters accents like 'é','è','à','ù' using webdav and apache/mod_jk.

First, the web client accepts all files (accents or not) correctly, so the system locale is set correctly.

The problem appears only when using webdav.
With the microsoft webdav client, if we request the Tomcat HTTP connector on port 8080 (default), there is no problem.

If requests are done on a Apache webserver proxing the Tomcat HTTP connector (mod_proxy, not mod_jk), there is no problem.

But with mod_jk (jk or jk2) on Tomcat ajp13 connector all webdav requests on file with accents timeouts or prints an error saying an error occurs.
Others files are ok with webdav.

Any idea ?