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Problems with webscripts

Question asked by durdy48 on Apr 30, 2008
Latest reply on May 2, 2008 by durdy48
I have an application like opsoro which use webscript and i'd like to use two webscript from Alfresco bring for default.
These webscripts are:

ALFRESCO_URL + service/ui/myspaces => is a browser developed with ajax and yahoo libraries which manage navigation and basics operations about the repository

ALFRESCO_URL + service/ui/mytasks => manage all task and it is done with ajax an yahoo libraries too

the problem is that  with mozilla running all OK but with IE not and obtain errors like "401:Access denied: user not authenticated" or close the window with an error not defined and inexpected.

Please can you help me, or give me some ideas??
Excuse my english because is horrible!!!  :oops:  :oops: