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v2.0 preview installation problem under windows 2003

Question asked by lgr on Jan 25, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2007 by lgr

Just for your information, when installing v2.0-preview with the installer (custom, not typical, but i don't think it does impact), changing alf_data location does not work.

An example :
installation directory is c:\alfresco
alf_data specified during installation is d:\alfresco\alf_data

- during installation, alf_data is created in c:\alfresco, not d:\alfresco
- after installation, moving alf_data to d:\alfresco does not permit alfresco to start (searching alf_data in c:\alfresco), although contains dir.root=d:\alfresco.

i've also tried to put d:/alfresco instead of d:\alfresco, it didn't work either.