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Issues with using Links within Alfresco with Permissions.

Question asked by vhakkal on Apr 30, 2008

I am experimenting with Alfresco’s Link. Here is my scenario, I create two folder within Alfresco, Folder_A and Folder_B. I also create two user groups, USER_GROUP_All and USER_GROUP_B.  There are two users USER_A and USER_B.  USER_GROUP_ALL contain both users and USER_GROUP_B has only USER_B.  I log into Alfresco as USER_B and add a File_B to Folder_B. Then I make a link from File_B to Folder_A.  In Folder_A  I can see the link when I am login in as USER_B, but when I login as USER_A I can no longer see the link in Folder_A.  Is there a way to change permission with in alfresco to make visible, as long as the user has permission to the folder.

I did try this is Alfresco Community version 2.1 and there is an error, I know the error has been resolved in later build of Community Edition. I used Alfresco Enterprise 2.2.0 Edition to test this scenario.