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Content transform without changing MIME type?

Question asked by farhadkhalafi on Jan 26, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2007 by alexander
Suppose I want to intercept any PDF document that is added to a space, encrypt the content and add certain restrictions to it. How can I do this? I am not really interested in keeping the original version  after security is applied to the document.

I just created a custom transformer that intercepts any scanned TIFF image, recompresses using a JBIG2 engine, converts to a linearized and encrypted PDF and moves the original TIFF to another space. The idea is that the TIFFs will be deleted by a scheduled task. I am new to Alfresco and it took me a little while to figure this out. Is there a way to extend this approach to solve the PDF->secured_PDF problem in the first paragraph as well?

One more question. If there are multiple transfroms from MIME type A to B, how are these distinguished from the user interface perspective. Can a particular transform be picked while setting up space rules? Can the transforms be named?