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Mail archiving

Question asked by copymaster on Jan 26, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2007 by cburghardt
hi everybody,

I am using Alfresco on an ubuntu edgy system. Now i implemented the Mail-proxy into my mailserver. Every incoming is going through this proxy and is automatically transferred to alfresco via api.

therefor i have an space called, say, "mail". the plugin checks, if there is a folder for the mailadress, if not, it is generated and the mail is copied there.

Now my question:
Because of german GdPdU and Basel II every company has to put email in an archiv, where the mail is stored for 10 years minimum.

well, the mails are put into the archiv, but without any security. Every user, who has access to that folder is able to read every mail. beside that, the amount of mails can easyly blast the capacity of the harddisk within a few weeks.

is there a possibillity to add enhanced security for this folder? for example to set a additional passwort, so that you need two persons with different passwords to access that folder?

Or, quiet a bit more complex, is it possible to write a extension or addon, so that all mails are zipped or decrypted with a certifikate without loosing the fulltext indexing?

if  there is such a possibillity, alfresco would be the ideal Mail archiving soultion.

But i don't know how to start or how to implement it. Please tell me your opinion about that.

thanx in advance,