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Adding a default User Guide per tenant 2.9C

Question asked by jlabuelo on May 1, 2008
Latest reply on May 1, 2008 by janv
Good Morning all

I have a question to make you , lets see if there is someone that can help me with the answer. I am working and testing the new alfresco version 2.9C. It works pretty well, andI am very happy with it for the moment, but I would like to do something that I dont know how.

As you can see, after you create a tenant,  when an user logs in the tenant,if he goes to the Guest Space, there is an Alfresco-Tutorial.pdf, by default.

My question would be, how can I make that every time I create a tenant, and then an user for that tenant, place a User Guide made by me (explaining workflows….)automatically in the User Home space, or any other space, so I dont have to do it manually for each user I create?

At the moment I am doing it manually… but would like to be able to modify this.

Any ideas of what I can do????

Cheers mates