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Packt contacts CMS Report about Alfresco Book

Question asked by bryansd on Jan 26, 2007
Hey folks, I'm new to the list but have watched Alfresco for some time.  I was recently contacted by Packt Publishing about providing a link on my site to their sample chapter for their new book, Alfresco Enterprise Content Management Implementation.  The link to my article on the Alfresco book is: .  My site is CMS Report and is part blog and part news portal for anything I have found of interest with regards to content management systems.  To my surprise the site has been picking up a lot of traffic…it seems a lot of people share my passion for the CMS.

To be honest, I haven't had too much experience with Alfresco.  However, I am a regular reader of John Newton as his knowledge about content management systems extends beyond Alfresco.  I think I'll be lurking around here for awhile…