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peopleService - creating users that don't exist?

Question asked by jneeve on May 1, 2008
We've added a custom authenticationComponent and custom personService to Alfresco….

What I noticed is that when new users authenticate using the Web Client, all goes well and after they get authenticated a new user account gets created. The new user details are populated based on some custom code in our new personServiceImpl…

But, when new users authenticate using our custom UI that uses the AuthenticationService, they get authenticated correctly but no Alfresco account gets created. And, everything seems to work? (Except for some security since I can't move their account into a group since no account exists)

It appears to me that the JSF loginBean code is what triggers the methods in the peopleService to create an account if it doesnt exist. I can post the code that I've customized, but what I'm wondering is where would be the appropriate spot to create users that don't exist if we only use the AuthenticationService to get a ticket.

I havent tried this yet but after I authenticate and get an Alfresco ticket, maybe I could do a web script call to get user details for the logged in user which would then call our peopleService and there by trigger the createMissingPerson method…. (if that makes sense!)