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Incorrect property sheet when linking to association

Question asked by babbage on Jan 26, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2008 by alarocca
I am trying to create a new document type that has a few sub-documents associated with it.  I added the association to the model and created a custom template that had links to the associated documents using the url property of the node.  This links directly the the document itself.  I want to get to the detail view for these documents.  The result template is as follows.

<#list document.assocs["msu:attach"] as child>
      <#if child.isDocument>
            <td><a href="/alfresco${child.url}" target="new"><img src="/alfresco${child.icon16}" border=0></a></td>
            <td><a href=/alfresco/navigate/showDocDetails/workspace/SpacesStore/${}>${}</a>  
            <td>${(child.size / 1000)?string("0.##")} KB</td>
            <td> <#if child.isLocked>Yes</#if></td>

This seems to work ok.  It does indeed link to the detail view of the associated document.  The problem is that it seems to try to render this page with the  property sheet of the parent document.  It displays "$$error_association$$" even though the current document is of a type that has no associations.