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category names not changing

Question asked by nuga on Jan 27, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2007 by rpldcox
perhaps i should log this as a defect.. or maybe it is intentional?

but when you change the category name of anything. It doesn't actually change the "name" you can query it by.

My example is that I have a category named - "DownloadableType"
and i renamed it to "Downloadable Type"

if i tried to look up anything by the name of "Downloadable Type" using webservices.. it tanks because it can't find "Downloadable Type"

Even though the "display name" says Downloadable Type
the actual alfresco node name using the node browser says

{}DownloadableType   workspace://SpacesStore/ee0f22c4-a0dc-11db-8df6-653fb0f9f343   true   {}subcategories   3

i looked it up using the node browser