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How to restrict admin user access to some content

Question asked by jzulu2000 on May 2, 2008
Latest reply on May 6, 2008 by nyronian

As far as I know, alfresco grants full acces to the admin user; I mean, admin user can read, write, and do anytihing he wants with any document stored in Alfresco;
As a business requirement (or legal requirement maybe), there's some kind of information that can not be accessed by any other person that the one who has an specic role in the company; it leads to an implementation in wich admin user CAN NOT read that documents.

Does anybody know how to protect some documents not to be accessed by the admin user, just grant access to an user with an specific role?

The second problem we have, is that admin user can assign itself the specific role to access that documents and then unassign itself that role; is there any way to track this?

Maybe I'm blinded.. any other ideas?

Thanks a lot!!!!