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MySQL database import causes issues in Alfresco 1.4 Communit

Question asked by cmathieu on Jan 29, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2007 by cmathieu
Hi All,

I've just done my first MySQL database import. I am using Alfresco Community 1.40 running under Windows 2003 Server with MySQL 5.0.

At first, all the data seems to have been imported correctly but when a user tries to login to Alfresco, he or she will get an "unknown user" error message.

However, I am able to login as Admin fine. Logged in as admin, I can't change any user's password or delete any user account. I get an "object doesn't exist" error message.

This leads me to believe that after the import of the MySQL database, Alfresco and its database seems to be out of sync. The only way to resolve this is by shutting down Alfresco, dropping the database, deleting the contents of the ALF_DATA directory and creating the database again, then all is well. The only drawback to this is that all previous data is lost.

Has anyone else encountered this previously?

I export the MySQL database using the following command run from a command prompt:

mysqldump -u root alfresco > alfrescodb.sql

and I re-import using the command:

mysql -u root alfresco < alfrescodb.sql

Is there a better way to backup the MySQL database?


Charles Mathieu