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where to draw the line (CMS vs. database application)

Question asked by kgeis on Jan 29, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2007 by fselendic
I was thinking about content models for things like forums, tasks, and calendars.  It made me wonder, where do you draw the line between something that fits a more traditional sense of managed content (like, for instance, a bunch of PDFs) and something that is usually handled in database-backed applications?  In systems like Alfresco, properties are meant for metadata, but they could easily be considered data as well.  A CMS like Alfresco might just make application design a lot easier if you map domain objects to content models instead of to database tables.  And certainly relational databases solved a performance problem for a long time, but now we're starting to have enough computing power and we need higher levels of abstraction to build solutions faster.

I'm just wondering if anyone has thought about this and if there are any sort of current practices for architecture concerning this divide.  How are people out there mixing Alfresco with database-backed applications?