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Starting a document management company, want to use Alfresco

Question asked by thedre on May 3, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2013 by gopei
Hello, and much thanks to the Alfresco team for making such a great software.

I'm founding a content management company in my country. The first pieces of content we decided to focus on are documents. We will be offering pre-built servers, with customized open-sourced software, pre-configured to suit the clients'needs. Document management, is an untapped niche market in our country. IBM is here, but, as one can imagine their DMS solutions are VERY pricey. So, affordability will be one of my major selling points.  Alfresco is what we'll be using to manage documents and other pieces of content. However, I have some questions before I start with the planning/implementation/Demo phases of my company's offering.

1. The community version looks fine for what I have in mind to do. But, I would love that the customer to have the commercial support that comes with the enterprise version. That being said, are there any solutions that Alfresco has that acts as a sort of "reseller version?" If so, what's the price (including support)

2. For the community version, where is the major source of support?

3. When using the community version, how far can I go? can I act like it's my own software? IE:Can I say "my company name" document management system? Can I strip the Alfresco logo? Do I have to credit Alfresco? Or can I use "my company name" DMS, powered by Alfresco? (Please don't take this as me trying to steal Alfresco (I can see how it can be taken like that) But, I just want to know all my rights pertaining to the use of community version.

4. Does anyone, have a business built around the community version?

5. At clients request, can I upgrade their community version to commercial version easily?

6. Is the community version the EXACT version of the commercial one?

Thanks, in advance for replies. More questions will come, as I remember.

God's blessings, be with you all!