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Tomcat gives 404 error on Alfresco pages after reboot.

Question asked by john on Jan 29, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2007 by kevinr

For reference:  I have inherited an Alfresco 1.3.0 installation running on Fedora 4, with Tomcat 5.5 and Sun Java 1.5.0.  I am not a regular Alfresco user and I did not set up the Alfresco installation or the server, so I apologise for any questions that may seem obvious.

After a server reboot, Alfresco did not come back up correctly.  Apache, Tomcat, MySQL, and Java all appear to be working separately, and there were no changes to the configuration files that I am aware of.  What happens now is that any attempts to reach any Alfresco pages give a 404 error, with the message
HTTP Status 404 - /alfresco/faces/jsp/login.jsp

type Status report

message /alfresco/faces/jsp/login.jsp

description The requested resource (/alfresco/faces/jsp/login.jsp) is not available.
The message changes based on which file you attempt to access, but all files give a 404 error despite working before, being in the correct location, and being readable in the file system.

Has anyone seen something similar in the past?  I am not even totally sure the problem is with Alfresco, at this point, because of the 404s, but pages that are not in the Alfresco folders do load correctly.