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2.0 HSQL migration to 2.1 MySQL

Question asked by vicens on May 6, 2008
Latest reply on May 6, 2008 by steve
I've the necessity to migrate from a 2.0 - HSQL installation to a 2.1 MySQL installation.
I've tested a lot of methods but no one have been ok:

1) Use the MySQL Migration Toolkit to migrate from HSQL to MySQL –> The tool do a OutOfMemory (the HSQL database if 170MB large).
2) Copy alf_data to a "clear" installation of 2.1 –> Ok, but now I've the same problem. I've a 2.1 HSQL installation.
3) Export 2.0 HSQL –> the system don't do nothing
4) Export 2.1 HSQL (migrated from 2.0 HSQL before) –> ok, but when I want to import the data into a clear 2.1 MySQL installation I've some errors
5) Copy alf_data (from 2.1) to a "clear" installation of 2.9B –> I've some errors.

Any idea?   :(