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is this features are Possible in alfresco?

Question asked by naveenkumar on Jan 31, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2007 by kvc
Actually i am evaluvating alfresco… now working in 1.4 version.. for this i need to know some features are available in alfresco…in cmsmatrix they given  possible to implement but i dont know how to implement…can anyone help me please..

(1)In the authoring interface, content should be organized in a way that it’s easy to locate an article. It should mirror the organization in the web site. Please note that the physical organization of the articles could be different, for instance, in the case of re-usable content

(2)Support FTP for web resources (images, podcasts, pdfs etc.) i.e. drag and drop instead of uploading into the CMS

(3)Content re-usability – Have the ability to create and edit the article once but use it in 2 different locations. The authoring environment should display the reference to both the locations so that it’s easy to locate the article instead of remembering the actual physical location.

(4)Should be able to preview articles in different sites with different display templates.

(5)The authoring interface for an article should have an UI to enter the content and the associated meta information. The article should have at least 1 conditional meta (Display other metas based on the value selected, like DHTML)