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Question asked by rwahdan on Jan 31, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2007 by rwahdan
i have a space called Users and within the space i have username spaces lets say "adam", "sally", and "tom" where tom is the supervisor of the group. i have another space within Users called "Shared Resources". I managed to make adam see only adam and "shared resources" and same goes for sally, she can see sally and "shared resources". in the main space "Users" i have content rule which says that every document uploaded will move to a space in "tom" the supervisor and wait there for approval. in "tom" space i have a rule for approval or denial. when i creat a document in the Users space with adam or sally logged in, it gives me error that "access is denied" and that is simply because no one but tom have access to tom space folders. is there a way around this? Thanks.