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Custom property's label \ Multiline textbox

Question asked by nie on Jan 31, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2007 by gavinc

i got a few simple questions about displaying custom properties in the web cilent.

1. How can i change the label displayed next to my custom property fields?

I would like to change it in modify properties dialog, property sheet page and advanced search dialog.

2. How can i make multiline editboxes for my own properties? How can i set the size of it etc?

I'm thinking about an editbox like the one used for the description property by default.

3. Is it possible to make some properties 'belong togather' ?

I would like to add pairs(or maybe 3-4) of properties into a list.
I want to do something like the example below, but the <multiple>  tag should effect more than 1 property. I hope it's clear :)

<property name="mycv:lang">