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Converting Vignette V6 to Alfresco?

Question asked by jdkemp on Jan 31, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2007 by rdanner
Good Morning, All,

This is my first post on these boards, so if this is an inappropriate place for this content, please let me know and I will post this in the proper forum.

I am currently evaluating Alfresco as a possible alternate for content management in place of Vignette V6, which we currently use. The upgrade to V7 of Vignette is essentially like installing a new application and converting, so this appears to be a good point to consider other options.

The following information would be of great assistance.

1) Has anyone converted a website running on Vignette V6 to Alfresco?

2) If so, was there a noticable change in appearance or performance, such that customers might change their opinion of the website?

3) If there was a noticable change, was it positive or negative?

4) How long did the conversion take? What kind of resources were used to make the conversion? (I ask this only because if it took 20 people one week to do so, then it stands to reason that it might take one person twenty weeks to do so, and I need to be able to view this effort in terms of resources that must be spent.)

5) Are there any tools available or discussions/forums/blogs of the details that would aid someone in making a conversion from Vignette V6 to Alfresco?

6) If so, where could I find these tools and/or details?

7) Finally, would you even recommend Alfresco for such a purpose? Why or why not?

With Regards,