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editing documents

Question asked by mattcassi on Jan 31, 2007

using the webclient and editing documents is very fiddly.
Why it is necessary to save a document to another place
before editing?

What i have to do know?

- checkin out a document
- choose the working copy
- save the document on file system, desktop etc.
- open the document from there and edit
- save the document
- go back to the webclient
- Click the More Actions icon and choose ‘Update’
- search the document
- upload it
- when updated i have to checkit in

Why it cannot run in the following way:

- checkout a document
- choose working copy and click "edit"
- document opens, i can edit document
- clicking save icon and the working copy will be updated
- lastly i checkin the document  

How can I realise this?