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WCM Preview and content search...

Question asked by rkylberg on Jan 31, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2007 by kevinr
I've installed the Alfresco 2.0 Preview and successfully worked thru the very fine WCM_BETA_Eval-Guide.pdf.

After creating the web project and press releases I wondered if the site content was indexed and searchable?

When I search for "Alfresco" or "Newton" I get the press release render engine ftl template and other data dictionary entities but none of the actual site pages under ROOT/media/release/content like Easypress_OEM.html or InterDoc_Alfresco_Solution.html. Both files contain "Newton" and "Alfresco."

An advanced search of html files under the "alfrescowww" space for "Newton" yields no results.

Does anyone know whether or not the site content should be searchable?

I'm new to Alfresco, so any helpful links to info on Alfresco search/indexing configuration would be appreciated!