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Questions about foders and permissions

Question asked by tiofelix on Feb 1, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2007 by andy
My version is Alfresco 1.3. This is my directory tree:

          -Folder A
                |       |> Folder A.a —> Folder A.a.1 ( UserA )
                        |> Folder A.b —> Folder A.b.1  (I'm UserB)

     I create a new user ( UserA ) and the folder 'Folder A.a.1' is the main space.

     To loggin ok, UserAa1 need READ permissions on 'Folder A' and 'Foder A.a' and that's the problem, I (UserB) do not want other users to be able to read documentation within my own folder, and if the GROUP_EVERYONE has permission to READ within Folder A, also UserA will be able to read my own documentation… i hope i've explain it well.

      this is a bug on funcionality? There are some way to fix it?