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problem in configuration on jboss cluster

Question asked by roberto_stellone on Feb 2, 2007
I'm trying to configure alfresco 1.4 comunity edition in a cluster jboss4.0.4
with mod_jk and mysql 5.0.

The two jboss installation are on different linux machine.

I use mysql 5.0 like database.

I think that this the configuration on wiki about high Availability

I have problem because, only the server on which I run alfresco for the first time with void database, load the tables and runs well.
On the other jboss instance I never come in web application of alfresco because I have problem with authentication.

I examine the table of alfresco db and found on the
alf_server table only the ip_address of the first jboss instances
and not the second instances.
and the same happaned for the alf_transaction table.

I want to know if is possible configure alfresco in cluster on 2 different machines with only one instance of alfresco.

I'm a freelance and I have to try this configuration beacuse I want to use alfresco for ECM solution for a customer.
Other products in community version are available for clustering but alfresco give me more functionality and solution an so I need to try this configuration to use alfresco.

Thanks in advice