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Question asked by lmoulin on Feb 2, 2007
Latest reply on May 3, 2007 by mliwski
I have define two customs types (erd and but) in the advanced search window.
<config evaluator="string-compare" condition="Advanced Search">
         <type name="my:erd"/>
         <type name="my:but"/>
         <meta-data type="my:erd" property="my:erd_date_creation"/>
         <meta-data type="my:erd" property="my:erd_client"/>
         <meta-data type="my:erd" property="my:erd_index"/>
         <meta-data type="my:but" property="my:but_attr1"/>
         <meta-data type="my:but" property="my:but_attr2" />
         <meta-data type="my:but" property="my:but_attr3"/>

I want to display the meta-data of a type when the user selects this type in the advanced search.
For example, when the user selects the document type ‘erd’, ONLY the properties ‘erd_date_creation’, ‘erd_client’ and ‘erd_index’ are displayed. The properties ‘but_attr1’, ‘but_attr2’ and ‘but_attr3’ are not visible.

thanks a lot,