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Problem Saving Corel Draw Files using CIFS

Question asked by sebastian on May 8, 2008
Latest reply on May 22, 2008 by sebastian

when saving Corel Draw Files we notice a very strange behaviour. Users open a Corel Draw file
from Alfresco-CIFS (Windows Explorer), edit the file and save it. If the file is opened again Corel shows
an empty page. This situation stays for about 1 minute, then everything looks fine when you open it again.
It seems the file was deleted and saved with the same name, after saving creation and change date have become
date of pressing "save" (file has new node reference).
Within this minute you also can not copy/paste the file in Windows Explorer.
While your are waiting this minute you can go to the web client and download the file (http) and you can
already open it in corel with all the changes made before saving.

We are using 2.9.0B (same behavour in Linux- and Windows-Server, testing on 2.2E shows the same).

We only noticed this with Corel Draw, no problems with other Applications.
(Saving on hard disk or windows file shares works fine)

any ideas?

Thanks in advance