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Rename Property in the custom context model

Question asked by amar on Feb 5, 2007
I defined a new model content with some properties (meta data), then I created some documents with my custom content type.

Now I want  to rename a property ( metadata), how  can I do that ?
If I rename the property in my cutomModelcontent.xml, I don't know how Alfresco can associate the new property with my old property.
For example :
I created a Cutom type  my:mycontent with a boolean property "contract",
I create a document mydocument.doc and I check the property contrat.
If I rename "contract" to "contractual" in my xml file, I will lose the data associated to "contract", how can I asscoiated a new propety "contractual" with the old property "contract"
thank you
Excuse my english……