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Alfresco + EMC Centera

Question asked by munwar on May 10, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2012 by mrogers
Earlier there were few requests to extend Alfresco's storage support to CAS systems like EMC Centera. Not sure whether any one has tried this in the past.

We are looking at storing millions of documents in EMC Centera and store the meta-data in Alfresco for security, search and retrieval purposes.

Has any one integrated EMC Centera storage with Alfresco?

Has any one tried mounting EMC Centera storage as File System Storage for Alfresco CMS.  There are various third party products available in the market which provides such solution.  Few products are:

Gateway products such as “Storage Switch” (Centera FS Gateway -
Storage Switch is a robust gateway for EMC’s Centera. Using the product you can take advantage of standard file system protocols such as NFS, CIFS, HTTP, FTP to store, retrieve and manage your data.

Another such solution is CAStor FSG (from Caringo -, Applications that use Common Internet File System (CIFS) or Network File System (NFS) protocols can leverage the advantages of CAStor without application or business process modifications.

What is the best approach?  Connecting to Centera through APIs directly from Alfresco or using 3rd party products like above to mount?

Any suggestions?