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Docs with categories can't paste to web project?

Question asked by ftoth on May 11, 2008
Latest reply on May 13, 2008 by ftoth
Hi all,

I've hit another brick wall here (2.1 Community). What I wanted to do:

1. Put a PDF into standard (non AVM) space.
2. Assign come categories. The category mechanism is perfect for what we're
trying to model.
3. Copy/paste categorized document to the web project.
4. Deploy

Alas, a document with categories can't be pasted into a web project. We get:

Unable to paste item due to system error:Property type not recognised: type: null

I've seen this discussed elsewhere on these forums. It seems that other aspects
don't cause this problem (Dublin core works, for example), so why categories?

Is there any sort of work-around for this? Should I be using a more recent beta version?
Can anyone tell me if this is fixed in later community versions? Anyone have a better idea?