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Accessing CIFS from KDE

Question asked by samuel.penn on May 12, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2008 by samuel.penn

I'm running Alfresco 2.1 community on Gentoo Linux, and KDE 3.5.8 on the client. I'm not sure whether this is a KDE issue, or an Alfresco issue, but I'm seeing some file corruption when writing to an Alfresco CIFS share from KDE.

Basically, if I open Konqueror pointing at my CIFS share (e.g., smb://fafner/AVM/…), I can create new files without any problem. If I modify the file by adding content to it, again no problems. However, if I edit the file and make it shorter, then the file is not truncated. Any change to the file which results in a shorter file causes the file to contain junk at the end.

If I create a file containing:

Hello World.
Hello Again.

Load it up, and edit it and save the following:

Hello Nice World.

Reloading the file results in:

Hello Nice World.


I'm not sure whether this is a KDE issue, or an Alfresco issue, but KDE works fine when talking to my samba server, but then CIFS seems to work fine from a Microsoft client. I can reproduce the problem pretty much every time. I've had no problems when using webdav from KDE, but I can't access WCM from webdav.

Is there anything I can do to try and track down where the problem is?

Has anyone else seen this problem?