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Problem starting service directly after installation

Question asked by alexlush on Feb 7, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2007 by alexlush

Apologies if the solution to this problem is blatently obvious, but I'm new to all this unfortuately!!

I have just registered, downloaded and installed Alfresco ECMS Enterprise Network on a 30 day trial.

I installed using the default settings (all components: Alfresco Servr, Java 5.0 and OpenOffice, using HSQLDB as the database) on a clean virtual PC installation of WinXP Pro (no service packs installed as yet).

When I start the software using the Desktop Shorcut (alf_start.bat), the process runs for a while and appears to be doing things, then after a while the line "INFO: Server startup in 1651215 ms" appears in the Tomcat console window and the process appears to just hang up.

I can post logs for people to have a look at if required, but you'll need to tell me where they are located!!

As I said, I'm sure there i something obvious I'm mising here. Your help would be greatly apreciated.