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Custom Metadata population

Question asked by boneill on May 13, 2008
Latest reply on May 14, 2008 by boneill
Is it possible to create content using  a webform that is associated with a custom type from the content model.  I want the user to create content using a form and enter metadata at some stage during the webform creation wizard process, ie:

I have a number of product pages.  Want to collect price, fuel consumption etc metadata for later use.  The process is:

1) In the webform wizard on page 1 the user selects the custom type (product).
3)Enter metadata about the  product (price etc)
3) Fill in webform details with information that is published as a web page.

I have followed the datadictionary example "Displaying Custom Metadata" which works great if creating content in a space not using a webform.  For webforms though it does not work.  I can select a custom type (step 1 above) but there is no way fill in metadata and when the content nodes are created they do not have the standard Content type associated with them.

I have noted that there is a forum post that suggest using the metadata extractor to do this, but also saw an earlier blog which indicated that the functionality above should be possible in release 2.2.

Any help greatly appreciated.