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Download final versions from Moodle

Question asked by derrin on May 13, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2008 by naveenkumar
Hi guys,

I am very new to Alfresco and am probably missing a simple trick.   I manage Moodle, a virtual learning environment.  My employer has asked me to use Alfresco to resolve a problem we have within Moodle.

The problem = In Moodle we are having to upload the same file into many courses.   When we update the file, we have to reload EVERY file into EVERY course.

The idea we have for a solution = Use Alfresco to workflow the updating process on our files - so that we can use the same hyperlink from each of our Moodle courses to the latest edit of a file stored on Alfresco.  We then simply update the file in Alfresco and all of our Moodle courses will continue to point to the latest version of the file without needing to reedit ALL of our courses.

We do NOT want our Moodle end-users to have to log in to Alfresco.  Simply to link to the option to view or download.

Am I right in thinking we can achieve this?   Please help.  :?

Derrin Kent