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NTLM Passthru

Question asked by burner on Feb 8, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2008 by diegolaranjeira

i bought the Alfresco book and hoped, that this helps me with NTLM Passthru but it isnt really explained there how to configure.

In the wiki i read about the ntlm.

Do i have to uncommet the lines in the web.xml when i want to have NTLM passthru?
And then i have to rename the ntlm…sample into ntlm…xml.
I wrote the bean how explained

    <bean id="authenticationDao" class="" />

    <!– The authentication component.                                      –>

    <!– Use the passthru authentication component to authenticate using    –>
    <!– user accounts on one or more Windows servers.                      –>
    <!– Properties that specify the server(s) to use for passthru          –>
    <!– authentication :-                                                  –>
    <!–   useLocalServer   use the local server for authentication         –>
    <!–   domain           use domain controllers from the specified domain–>
    <!–   servers          comma delimted list of server addresses or      –>
    <!–                    names                                           –>
    <bean id="authenticationComponentImpl" class="">
        <property name="domain">
        <property name="servers">
        <property name="useLocalServer">
        <property name="personService">
            <ref bean="personService" />
        <property name="nodeService">
            <ref bean="nodeService" />
        <property name="guestAccess">

But i aint wotking i got errors of not able bein to create the bean and so on!I use Alfresco 1.4 on a Windows2003 Server.

And by the way waht is the differnce when i use NTLM Passthru and LDAP integration, i mean in both cases i have to connect to the DOmaincontrollers or?

CAn anyone help me please?