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External page URL lands in Home Space

Question asked by mdaslam on May 14, 2008
We have created a link for a Space "Brokers" by using view details -> Browse Page URL and the URL is something like this
alfresco/n/browse/workspace/SpacesStore/f1bbef4d-2118-11dd-8cb4-57b664927228 or navigate can be used in place of n

Also given permissions to the users for the "Brokers" space.

But when the user logs in and clicks on the link, for the first time it is directed to the Home Space of the user. And when we refresh the page it is directed to "Brokers" space.
Probably Something got to do with session.

Does anyone has any idea on this. or its a known bug.
Please let me know .

Thanks in advance,

I have checked it in the log files. When the user clicks on the link for the firt time, user doesn't has the read permission on the noderef and below debug statement is printed  User does not have permissions to READ NodeRef : workspace://SpacesStore/…

The above statement is printed bcoz ExternalAccessServlet  Checks for the read permission in the code and prints this statement. and then redirects to login page but since users ticket is validated, it directs them to their home space.
But its very strange behaviour as the user already has read permission and it happens only for the first time.

Thanks in advance,