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How to access a file without logging into Alfresco WebClient

Question asked by pratyush on May 14, 2008
Latest reply on May 15, 2008 by pratyush
I am trying to make some modifications in Alfresco Community Edition 2.1 Web Client project. I am trying to create a functionality where there is a link to every content in the system which will send an email to a non-registered user. The email body will contain a link to that content item. When the link is clicked, the content will open. So the situation is that the user is not registered (hence not logged in) and he/she has to have access to a content (file/static content) through a url.

Is it possible? if yes, how to generate such urls? I found somewhere that it can be achieved through DesktopParams.getTicket() but am unable to implement.

A quick response would highly be appreciated.