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Problem Using CIFS

Question asked by g_rathod on May 15, 2008
Latest reply on May 20, 2008 by g_rathod
Hi Friends,

There is some strange problem I am facing.

    My CIFS running successfully from near by ICON on company home label.
    Since all operations working fine during this.

    When I tried to go inner space let say   Company Home/MySpace

    It also opens-up successfully  but I could not operate functions like check-In Check-Out for that
    SubFolder (SubSpace).

  Its showing me Following when I perform check-In or View Detail Operation

    Its giving error that "Not a Valid alfresco CIFS folder" even though i mapped it.

  Its working on Internet Explorer Only from ICON , Mozilla did not support direct CIFS access once we click that ICON.
  Any Help for my Confusion.. And not working for subFolder for any.

   If you need more info Let me kNOw.