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Alfresco's webClient in top of several repositories

Question asked by anweber on Feb 12, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2007 by rdanner

    My client should like to use the webClient in front of three repositories.  Each such repository corresponds to the physical site where the user works.  Some users are working in different sites.

    The log-in screen should show a combo box to select the site.  Then the webClient should first check if the current user has the right to connect on this site and, if yes, will show the corresponding spaces.

    My main question is : is it possible to obtain that with Alfresco?  In the case where the answer is yes but you have to do some customization, what should be the level of difficulty to implement it?

      Is it possible to switch from the current repository to an other one after or during the log-in?

       Is it possible to use different “SpacesStores” (by default, the webClient has the following configuration line in the config file “” : )  to obtain different content stores sharing the same other spaces (users, archive, system, …)?  Is it possible to change the value of “” after or during the log-in?

         Many thanks for your help,